Considering a shade
Our custom
fabricated brackets
will make the job
Coastal Marine Canvas        
Shade Sails
At Coastal Marine Canvas, we've designed and fabricated
hardware which makes shadesail installations much less
challenging! We have corner and flat brackets of brushed
aluminum, designed to accommodate our 1.5" I.D. brushed
aluminum "Sweep Arms". We also fabricate "stirrup brackets
designed to stradle a standard porch 4x4.

Each Post support would require two brackets and one sweep

We're not aware of ANY other fabricator making these available
to the general public.

Our 1.5" I.D. brushed aluminum "sweep arms" are designed to be
inserted into our stirrup, corner and flat brackets. They are available
in two sizes: 7'6" & 9'6". They have a 15 degree sweep which is
designed to be  oriented toward it's opposite corner (i.e. corner "A" to
corner "C") Sweeping the posts in this way results in a stronger
installation and one that is more visually interesting.

\We always use 100% stainless steel fittings and turnbuckles in our
shadesails -  available from any marine supply store!

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What kind of shadesail do you want? 4 point, 5 point 6 point? Once
you have your attachment hardware installed, it is a simple matter to
take the necessary measurements for the construction of your
custom shadesail.

Assign each corner a letter, then carefully measure from each corner
to every other corner. Be sure to also accurately record each corners
height relative to the level of the porch deck.
Shade Sail Brackets and Information for the  "Do it Yourselfer"
We use heavy duty
all stainless steel
fittings in our
installations, and
U.V. resistant Tenara
thread throughout to
ensure maximum
longevity of your
Professional Canvas Fabricator? Do-it Yourselfer?

Your shade sail installation will look terrific and perform well even
under the most challenging conditions with our custom shadesail
These custom stirrup brackets allow
for the easy installation of sail arms
along an existing porch railing.
Designed to slip onto  a standard
4x4 porch post, the bracket is then
lag bolted onto the post, using the
offset pre-drilled holes

The brackets are 5" tall,  with each
wing of the bracket being 3.5" The
cylinder pin hole = 5/16"
Our Custom Corner
Brackets make installing
shadesails a snap! Define
the end points of your sail
and simply lag screw 2 of
these brackets these into
the porch corner posts.
Then insert a sail arm, lock
it in place with a 5/16" pin
and you're done.

Dimesions are: 5" tall with
each wing of the bracket
being 3.5" Cylinder pin
hole = 5/16"
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Let Coastal Marine Canvas design a custom shadesail for you!
Consultations are free. Choose from a wide range of colors,
shapes and fabrics.
Stirrup bracket for 4x4
post installations
(2 per sweep arm)
7'6" Brushed Aluminum Post

9' 0"Brushed Aluminum Post
Give us a call for a
free design
Save Lives!

Shade Sail Professional ?- Give us a call for Wholesale Pricing
Post Corner
Wall Flat
Call for Pricing! The current Aluminum tariffs
have caused price uncertainty.
Custom Bracket Pricing
These brushed aluminum
shadesail support posts are
available in two sizes: 7' 6" & 9'
0" long.They are designed to to
slip into our custom ahadesail
brackets and to be locked in
place with a 5/16" retaining pin.
There are 5/16" holes drilled into
the brackets, but the posts are
shipped undrilled because each
customer's installation is unique.