At Coastal Marine
Canvas, we use ONLY
the highest quality U.V.
resistant fabrics and
thread on biminis,
dodgers, cushions and
any other applications
that will be directly
exposed to the sun's
damaging rays
Tear & Zipper Repair
Marine Canvas Restitching
Coastal Marine Canvas        
coastal marine canvas stratoglass window

  • Do not use Rainex
  • Don't touch Stratoglass after having
    applied Sunscreen
  • When storing, place curtains between
    layers of sheets
  • After cleaning with fresh water, apply
    IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner .
Have your glass
curtains yellowed or
cracked?  These can
be replaced
cost-effectively and
there are a range of
window materials
available. Choose from
low-cost rolled vinyl for
rarely used
foul-weather curtains
to highest quality
Strataglass for
windows where clarity
and durablility are
Caring For Strataglass!
(207) 323-8084
You're out on your
Spring shakedown
cruise.  As you prepare
the Bimini enclosure, a
zipper tears away from
the surrounding fabric!

The threads used in
the bimini's original
construction have
deteriorated over the
years due to Ultra
Violet exposure. The
bimini will need to be
replaced or restitched.