Choose from a
iverse of festive
colors and a wide
range of fabrics -
match your
existing color
scheme or do a
radically different!

Coastal Marine Canvas        
Shade Sails
At Coastal Marine Canvas,
we use the highest quality
UV resistant fabrics to
ensure that your new
shadesail  will provide you
with satisfaction - year after
year after year!

Let Coastal Marine Canvas
design a custom shadesail for
you! Consultations are free.
We'll take a few measurements
and photos, and generate a
design that works for you.
Choose from a wide range of
colors, shapes and fabrics.

We can also custom fabricate
any necessary brackets or
shadesail support arms
(207) 323-8084
provide additonal outdoor
living space, and shelter
you from Summer's
damaging hot sun!
Maine's Mid-Coast Shade Sail Fabricator
ShadeSails add visual interest to any location!
ShadeSails add drama to any landscape,
We use heavy duty
all stainless steel
fittings in our
fabrications, and U.V.
resistant Tenara
thread throughout to
ensure maximum
longevity oif your
shade sail.
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